Real Time Alerts When You Need Them


Why use dotAlert®?

Individuals and organizations rely on mission critical business applications that contain sensitive information. Web applications are constant targets of cyber criminals, and threats continue to increase in the marketplace. Individuals and IT Professionals must be able to take proactive steps to mitigate threats before they can affect the business.

How dotAlert works

dotAlert® allows organizations to easily access potential vulnerabilities in their environment, without time consuming research. Customizable alerts are sent to organizations and individuals with the ability to block IP addresses immediately.

dotAlert® is currently interfaced with dotDefender, Appilcure's Enterprise-Class Application Security and is programmed to integrate with other third party data processing log files. dotAlert® runs independently of these applications and filters their log entries through a five-dimension “rules and roles” engine. The log entries are compared to pre-established filtration criteria for the following dimensions:

  1. Type of event

  2. Severity of event

  3. Velocity or frequency of events

  4. Source of events

  5. Time of day/day of week of events

If an entry in a pre-selected log file meets the pre-established filtration criteria, a message alert is sent via email or cellular phone text message to various selected recipients.

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